St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Schedules for March 2018



4                      Gretchen Simons and Mac Griffin

11                   Mary Outland and Christiana Vaughan

18                   Charles Sawyer

25                   Jerrie Taylor and Cecelia Jones


Altar Flowers

4                      Dr. and Mrs. Julian Taylor

11                   Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Johnson

18                   Dr. and Mrs. John Davis

25                   Buddy Jones


Altar Guild

Gretchen Simons and Julie Shields                     


Hospitality Committee

Maundy Thursday

Jeff and Beth Douglas

Bea Vaughan, Linda Blackburn,

Overton Suiter &

Jonathan Johnston


Food Pantry (Note-Wednesdays)

7                      Dicky Hoggard

14                   Jim Shotwell

21                   Peggy Vann

28                   Bubba Peele


Lay Readers

4          10:30 AM                   Holy Eucharist           Colin Jones

7          6:00 PM                     Evening Prayer         Colin Jones

11       8:00 AM                     Morning Prayer         OPEN

            10:30 AM                   Holy Eucharist           John Davis

14       6:00 PM                     Evening Prayer         John Davis

18       10:30 AM                   Holy Eucharist           Sarah Davis

21       6:00 PM                     Evening Prayer         Sarah Davis

25       10:30 AM                   Holy Eucharist           Hugh Davis

28       6:00 PM                     NO EVENING PRAYER



Johnny Griffin and Jack Vaughan


Yard Work

4                      Jim Shotwell and Fred Liverman

11                   Jim Shotwell and Fred Liverman

18                   Ernie Carter and Benjie Brown

25                   Ernie Carter and Benjie Brown